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Julika Von Stackelberg-Addo

I “suddenly” got referrals… And now, lo and behold: my first clients signed-on for another 10-week package and I have 2 completely new clients. This work and our training at Jai is sooo amazing, it will carry you to wherever you want to go.

carolina Brancato

Carolina Brancato

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, Brazil

My husband and I were ready to separate and all was going really bad. He moved out of the house. I started to listen to the meditations in my Parent Coach Training Program every day. We started to talk again. He moved back home. And I’ve already started coaching with all paying clients. We are reaching the core of the course. I am feeling inspired, empowered and proud. 

Tiffanie Noonan-c7wy

Tiffanie Noonan

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, www.epicparenting.org

“As a pediatrician I have my heart broken on a daily basis when I hear the way people talk to and about their children (while their kids are sitting two feet away). I believe we all WANT the best for our children, and often just don’t have the tools to do things differently. I’m committed to helping families have better relationships – to give me the tools to be able to do that am thrilled to be enrolled in The The Jai Institute For Parenting of Parenting Parent Coaching Program. We can change the world one family at a time. ”

Lisa Smith-zy0gn

Lisa Smith

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach, Thepeacefulparent.com

“I wanted to reach and say a sincere Thank-you from the  bottom of my heart for creating the Jai Institute! I am so grateful to you. Learning about peaceful parenting and the tools has literally changed my life! Eight weeks into my training I feel like a different person and I can feel my son and I connecting on a deeper level! The Jai Institute is giving me the tools that I have always wanted as a parent but didn’t know how to put my hands on them. The Jai Institute has helped me understand my past, do some healing around my childhood and understand my goals as a parent. The Jai Institute has helped me see the big picture of parenting and then put tools in my hands to manage the day to day parenting in a fun and fulfilling way!”

Mariah Joy-ikybl

Mariah Joy

Conscious Parenting Guide, www.sunnysideupmama.com

My experience with the Jai Process was so powerful that I have transitioned out of the classroom and have dedicated myself to working exclusively with committed parents, teachers, and mentors to create deeply-connected, long lasting relationships with their children and more peace and harmony in the home and classroom, because we teach what we most need to learn. When we receive, we are able to give from a place of fullness, a cup spilling over!’

Jennifer Winzeler-px9yp

Jennifer Winzeler

Health and Wellness Coach, carna-vitality.com

“The largest impact I have experienced through this program is the shift in the relationship with my children. The feeling of connection and working together as compared to me “dictating” over them is so much more natural and eliminates tension on many levels. . . [and] has opened space for more fun, laughter and play . . . “The joy and richness I have experienced as a parent is beyond words; and just as I think it cannot get better, I notice ways in which it does. This has a ripple effect. “


Kristen Watts

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

The Jai Institute for Parenting’s Parent Coach Training Program has not only transformed my parenting it has transformed every aspect of my life. It has just really helped me come full circle because I see with new eyes now.

Danielle Backers-30c52

Danielle Backers

Jai Institute Certified Parenting Coach

There are really no words to describe the connection that you really start to have with your children when you get the tools through coaching. You get deeper into that work when you become a parenting coach. The market is there. You see the transformation with your kids in your own home and then, you can definitely see it in others.’

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